Welcome IMTA

Like every two years, the sediment research and management community will meet for a week of science, technology, communication and culture in a different region of the World.

For 2018, the symposium organizers and permanent committee calls this community to unite in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, recognized as a magic city for its ethnic diversity and colonial tradition. It will be the first time that Mexico will host an International Symposium on Sediment Management.

It is a pleasure to invite the members of the community on sediment research and management, to attend this symposium, that will cover topics ranging from geochemistry at the sediment-water interface; remediation of contaminated sites; characterization and monitoring of sediments; sediment-driven reactions and transport of pollutants; hydraulic works and water-sediment interactions; the lack in environmental regulation; reuse and management of sludge from water and wastewater treatment; perspectives from the private industry; advances in sediment management in tropical and subtropical environments; emerging pollutants in sediments; and contamination of sediments by oil spills.


Dr. Anne M. Hansen

Chairman of the I2SM 2018

IMTA - Mexican Institute of Water Technology