Association of the International Symposium on Sediment Management (ASIMS)

- Since 1993 he organized twenty international events in France and outside France.

- Since 2008 he is the President of the International Congress on I2SM sediment management (25 countries associated with I2SM)

- He Is Professor of the first national industrial chair on sediments (EcoSed) funded by industrial and institutional partners (two million Euro budget)

- His Research is devoted to Solid Mechanics and particularly to granular media from waste, marine, river sediments, and soil mechanics. Since 1991 he has supervised:
• 39 PhD theses
• 10 theses in progress

- He is the author of several publications. His work has been published as:
• 73 articles in peer-reviewed journals including 41 in international journals and 22 in national journals
• 136 communications to congresses and symposium proceedings published in 35 countries worldwide.
• He has participated in several books on the sediments and waste.